im just going on my other account idk if i care enough to come on here again bye

yeah that selfie was really bad for a variety of reasons i agree i just never got off my ass to delete it

yeah but like making fun of the word in general is like. really unspecific and kinda fucked up

im making fun of the usage

unfollow me already god damn

for those wondering what the fuck is happening: the really short version is i got people on my ass for blocking them on my calm account and then venting my frustrations about them on there


I can’t wait to see that new movie “White Guy Gets Laid”

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i don t even know whats happening right now .

i pissed some people off by blocking them on my other account is the extremely short version of it


this website is problematic im deleting it

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if you say problematic do it alongside why it’s problematic dont just throw it around